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hi ,

i wanted to know what are the exact terms the French people refer to when talking of clothing..
eg: if i am giving measurements to a tailor how will i say..

from shoulder to mid knee
measurement for shoulder, chest, arms ..?
also what is the difference between "métrage" and "taille"

  • claude123

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    de l'épaule à mi-genou
    largeur d'épaules
    tour de poitrine
    tour de bras

    métrage is the amount of fabric you will require (for instance 2 m en 140 = 2 meters cut out of a fabric 140 cm wide)
    Taille is your global size (for instance : 40, or in american sizes : 12, or small/medium/large...)


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    Yes, just to reinforce what sophievm said:

    taille = size
    mesures = measurements

    N. :)
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