[measuring up] the White House curtains for Mrs Clinton


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The quotation comes https://www.economist.com/blogs/graphicdetail/2016/09/daily-chart-18

Quotation: HILLARY CLINTON’S solid lead in the polls has evaporated, with national-polling averages putting her just one or two percentage points ahead of Donald Trump. This has changed the tone in reporting from measuring up the White House curtains for Mrs Clinton to gloomily pondering the possibility of a Trump presidency, at least among Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans.
Hi everyone! What does the bold part mean here? i take it as "changing the White House curtains for Mrs Clinton".
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    "Measuring up" means to take measurements for the purposes of buying/fitting new curtains. The idea is that Mrs. Clinton's lead was considered so strong that her winning was considered almost certain - therefore the tone of the articles was that she was definitely going to become president, and all that remained to do was get the White House prepared for her (therefore "measuring up" - getting new furnishings in place because it was going to be her new home).


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    No, actually measuring the windows to see what size curtains they'll need. It's a conventional joking way of saying that the job is practically certain to be hers, so they can concentrate on minor matters such as changing the office furnishings when she moves in.

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