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    I'm watching a Mexican telenovela, and one character always refers to another character (who's a mechanic) as "el mecaniquete". I can tell he is trying to be rude, or offensive by using this term, but I'm wondering if anyone else has heard it used? Or is "quete" a word ending that implies something offensive? Any ideas as to where this came from would be helpful! Thanks!
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    Sometimes it is derogatory, sometimes it is a term of endearment. It depends on the context.

    -ete, ta.
    (-ete, del fr. -et, y -eta, del fr. -ette).
    1. suf. U. para formar diminutivos, despectivos u otras palabras de valor afectivo, a veces de manera no muy explícita, a partir de adjetivos y sustantivos.Regordete, calvete, vejete, amiguete, caballerete. Muchas palabras han perdido esos valores. Peseta, juguete. No pocos sustantivos vienen directamente del francés. Bonete, florete, ribete. En ciertos casos, toma la forma -cete.Meloncete.

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    Wow, I can't believe I haven't come across that before! Thanks for the information!!

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