mechanical weathering

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  1. MsNita New Member

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    Mechanical weathering may occur by means of

    A plant roots
    B temperature changes
    C frost action
    D all of the above
    E none of the above
  2. josama Senior Member

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    La meteorización mecánica puede ocurrir por la acción de

    A Raíces vegetales
    B Cambios en la temperatura
    C Acción del hielo/escarcha
    D todas las anteriores
    E ninguna de las anteriores
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    Hi, MsNita and welcome to WordReference.

    Are you posting this in order to get an answer to this multiple choice question? If so, you're posting it in the wrong place. This is a forum for discussing the English language, not mechanical weathering.

    josama, this is the English Only forum so I don't think MsNita wanted a translation into Spanish.
  4. josama Senior Member

    Bogotá, Colombia
    Colombia, Spanish
    LOL you're right, Garry. I'm so sorry...:eek:

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