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Spanish-Costa Rica
Can someone help me with the following phrase?
Media bites are 10 to 15 second quotes or catchphrases that give the gist of a story and are used to grab the audience's attention. They contain both important information and well-known symbols meant to evoke strong emotion in a viewer, listener, or reader.

How can media bites be translated in Spanish? frases informativas? cortos informativos? ganchos informativos? I do not really know.
Thanks for your help!
  • What about "gancho publicitario" or even "gancho publicitario-informativo"?

    Does this make sense to someone that is familiar with media terms?

    Thank so much!
    Yo diría que se trata de: "los titulares de los medios de comunicación"
    bites from the media: picaduras de los medios...

    holders of the media: titulares de los medios...
    Los titulares son una sinopsis, un resumen, un abre bocas de cada una de las notas informativas que veremos en la emisión. Como tu lo dices, atraen al lector, oyente o espectador de una manera emocional.
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    Mediabites in a political context, are what politicians are advised/briefed on bytheir press relations/communications team to focus on prior to talking to themedia or making a speech. They are 'catchphrases' that will put on a positivespin on contentious issues or give positive examples of the issue they want tohighlight. They are likely to end-up as quotations or news headlines.