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I am struggling to translate a phrase from French to English.
I have put in the whole paragraph but it is the sentence in red that I am having trouble with:
L’une des caractéristiques première du jeu de hasard est sa capacité à retenir les joueurs. L’espérance de gain pousse à rester encore et encore, puisque chaque partie supplémentaire donne une chance de plus de gagner le gros lot. Le second point est qu’un jeu de hasard ne nécessite par définition pas de qualification particulière pour ses participants : c’est facile à jouer. Ces deux conditions réunies en font un excellent media promotionnels : la réceptivité de la télévision associée à une forte « stickyness », les conditions parfaites

My attempt is
One of the first characteristics of gambling is its capacity to hold onto its players, The hope of winning makes people continue to play more and more, since the more rounds one plays, the more likely one is to hit the jackpot, The second reason is that gambling does not require any specific qualifications from its players­: it is easy to play, Together these two conditions make it an excellent promotional media: the receptivity of the television is associated with the ability to keep people glued to the screen, the perfect conditions,

thanks / merci in advance!

  • misterk

    Together these two conditions make it an excellent promotional medium. It offers the perfect conditions: the same ease of access as television and a high degreee of stickiness.

    "Sticky" and "stickiness" have become very common in the parlance of marketers, managers, etc. Don't be afraid to use them - esp. if the French does!
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