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    In a Spanish medical record, the abbreviation, lu c/en comes after a certain dosage of medication. I know that "lu" could possibly mean lunes, and c/ is cada, but I don't know what "en" stands for.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    These are the medical terms listed by Fernando Navarro (a medical Spanish translator) in his glossary ( about "en"
    1 enema
    2 energía; energético
    3 enero {ENE :1}

    1 electronarcosis
    2 empresa nacional
    3 energía nuclear
    4 enfermedad(es) neurodegenerativa(s) {END :1}
    5 enteritis necrótica
    6 eritema nudoso
    7 eritrocitos nucleados {HN :2}
    8 esclerosis nodular
    9 esclerosis nuclear
    10 estado nutritivo (o nutricional)
    11 estimulación nerviosa
    12 excitabilidad nerviosa
    13 excreción nitrogenada
    14 exploración neurológica
    15 inglés [del ingl. English] || ≡ in., ing., ingl.
    16 norma europea [del ingl. European Norm] {NE :17}

    I hope you find this useful.
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    What's the medication and what's the dosage?
    At first I thought of IU, but of course in Spanish they're UI.

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