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Discussion in 'Multilingual Glossaries' started by Swettenham, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Swettenham

    Swettenham Senior Member

    Here's a glossary of terms found on medical history forms. English terms and definitions provided; translations needed. Also, it would be appreciated if someone with more excel expertise could clean up the formatting.

  2. Valmar Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina - Spanish
    What I did:

    Added Spanish translations (some)
    Tried to improve the format but wasn't very successful. Someone with more Excel expertise, please!!!

    Hope this helps. I anxiously wait for more input on this glossary. It is really great!

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  3. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    I fixed the formatting, I believe.

    However, I wasn't able to carry over (or figure out how to do it myself) the scroll down bars under each heading. Joe: How did you do that?....

    I added for Spanish:
    chicken pox - peste cristal
    counseling - terapia?
    discharge- flujo
    discomfort - molestia / incomidad
    health status - estado de salud
    heart attack - ataque de corazón
    hearing loss - sordera / sordez
    herb - hierba
    medical history - historia médica
  4. Swettenham

    Swettenham Senior Member

    Okay, I put the file on the original template (sorry :eek: ).

    I made "birth control pill," "reaction" and their translations singular. Filled in Parts of Speech and added noun form of "sweat" and verb form of "wheeze." Also corrected what seemed to be a typo: "tracto urinario" (the revised form).

    I also replaced the "Filters." Nicole, I don't know if my excel is different since I'm using a Mac, but I go to the "Data" window, then choose "Filter," then "Autofilter." In case you hadn't noticed, the filter allows you to scroll through all the listed items and also to rapidly sort everything alphabetically. So if you want to add something (feel free!), you can just place it in the next available blank space, then go to the filter at the top and select "Sort Ascending."

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  5. porchini Senior Member

    Mexico, Spanish
    I've added a few terms that were missing in Spanish.

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  6. hald Senior Member

    Added as much as I could in french.

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  7. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    Fixed formatting. Added POS for Spanish and French columns. Added most genders for Spanish and some French.
  8. CristinaBurke Senior Member

  9. Drusillo

    Drusillo Senior Member

    Stuttgart- Germany
    For the Italian version
    I correct "discharge" = secrezione.
    I add/correct some (n,m,f): when there is m/f means that the first traslation is masculine and the second feminine.

    I don't know the translation of "recreational drug"

    In the spanish translation there is an error about measles = sarampión (not varicella)
    View attachment Medical History Terms 8.xls

  10. CristinaBurke Senior Member

    Grazie Drusillo per le tue correzioni.
    Ho riguardato i termini e ho corretto degli "errori".

    es: home remedy l'avevo tradotto come "omeopatia" mentre ora ho messo "rimedio casalingo".


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  11. Elsievonne New Member

    Spanish Mexico City
    What I did:

    I didn't insert new terms in English, but I reviewed what we already had in Italian, French and Spanish, and I inserted some words that were missing, I completed some entries, I reviewed the technical part, and I corrected a couple of little things that were not technically correct.

    Per la versione in Italiano, ho messo qualche parola che mi sembra mancava qui, ho fatto questo in italiano, spagnolo e francese anche.

    Para la versión en español he hecho algun cambio o introducido algún término que faltaba, también en francés e italiano.

    I do really hope you like what I have done, I love doing this and I think that sharing information between us is very enriching.

    Thanks for all Elsie

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  12. CristinaBurke Senior Member

    Grazie Elsie, anche a me piace tentare di "tradurre" i termini e penso che condividere le informazioni sia molto "istruttivo". :)
  13. Azogue79 New Member

    Spanish, Costa Rica
    Hi, people! I tried to open the full Excel file, but the firewalls at work won't let me, so I finally settled with the corrections in bold I included here. Let me know if you can send me the complete document at xxxxxx. Bye!


  14. Elsievonne New Member

    Spanish Mexico City
    Hi everyone,

    I attach the latest version with Rodrigo's changes.


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  15. robbie_SWE

    robbie_SWE Senior Member

    Trilingual: Swedish, Romanian & English
    I've added the Romanian version. Hope it is good, it took me quite a long time to write!

    View attachment 2993

    :) robbie
  16. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    I fixed formatting issues and made it so that each cell only contained one entry.
  17. absenta

    absenta Member

    although this forum started long time ago, I've just completed english/español/français glossary which can be useful for general medecine. As I'm not an excel expert, it's a word document... sorry...
    Contributions and corrections are welcome.
    thanks in advance...

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  18. sabrinita85

    sabrinita85 Senior Member

    Rome, Italy
    I've corrected the Italian part! Who wrote the Italian part???? :confused:

    (Mi piacerebbe sapere chi è quell'italiano che ha scritto "aggetivo" con una T sola o "pressione sanguinea" anziché "pressione sanguigna" o "emoraggia" anziché "emorragia" e tante altre cose....... ).
  19. FloVi

    FloVi Senior Member

    Deutsch / Deutschland
    German complete

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  20. Giulia2213 Senior Member

    Paris, France
    French - France
    I am trying to add some new terms in the glossary (for example "hearing impairment", because not all people which can't hear well have a complete hearing loss), especially terms in psychiatry, but as I'm not an OpenOffice expert, presentation may not be the best.

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