MEDICAL : opération, réveil, consultation


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I would like to be sure about translations of these 3 terms from French into UK English :

1.Opération (as in an operating room) :
--> "operation" appears to be the good choice
NB : surgery being - I believe - a more specific term than what I am looking for

2.Réveil (as after undergoing anaesthesia)
--> Please confirm "awakening" is still the word to use

3.Consultation (when you have an appointment with your doctor)
I' ve read to simply use "consultation", but it seems awkward.
WordReference Dictionary suggests "conference", but it seems even more awkward
--> I would go with "interview", but it's just a feeling... maybe it is of AE use?

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    You're right on all three: Operation, awakening/ waking up, and a consultation.

    "Consult your doctor" is a common phrase. If you still don't like it, you could just say "I had a session with my doctor." I wouldn't use "interview."


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    1. "Operating room" is correct.
    2. I would say to "wake" or to "wake up."
    3. "Consultation" works, even "doctor's appointment." You could also use "check up" if it is a regularly scheduled (ie. yearly) appointment.
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