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    How would you translate "medicamento controlado"? Seemingly, the meaning is the same as "prescription medication" but this is usually "medicamento con receta" in Spanish. Perhaps "controlled substance" fits the bill...?

    Here is the phrase:

    El detective descubrió que escondía ocho bolsas de medicamento controlado en el forro de su abrigo.The detective discovered that she was hiding eight bags of a controlled substance in the lining of her coat.

    Thank you in advance for your input.
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    Dear Farula:
    You are right, a "medicamento controlado" is a controlled medication that contains a controlled substance.
    Some examples are barbiturates, benzodiacepines and such.
    Please notice these are medications which are legally sold and dispensed, but require a special type of prescription because they contain potentially addictive substances
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    Thanks for taking the time - much appreciated.


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