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Discussion in 'Medical Terminology' started by karin schloesser, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. karin schloesser New Member

    Spanish, Guatemala
    Necesito decir: "Please contact your pharmacy for medication refills."

  2. Monnik

    Monnik Senior Member

    Yo, en México; mi corazón, en Madrid
    Mexico - Spanish/English
    Hola, karin.... (tenía una amiga en la universidad con tu mismo nombre y apellido)... :) Bienvenida...

    Yo diría:

    Si necesita que le vuelvan a surtir su receta, por favor póngase en contacto con su farmacólogo/farmacia.

  3. srsh Senior Member

    Monterrey, México
    Mexico, Español
    Por favor ponte en contacto con tu farmacia local para volver a surtir el medicamento
  4. Deia Member

    Telluride, CO
    Reading previous theads on the word "refill" I've got that "surtir la receta" or "repetir la receta" are accepatble translations- depending on country of origin. I also get that the concept of "refill" may be uncommon in Spanish-speaking countries, confounding the issue. This may be a longshot then, but is there a term for the noun "refill" as opposed to the verb? For example: "You have 3 refills left on your prescription".

  5. Ayutuxtepeque

    Ayutuxtepeque Moderador

    San Salvador, El Salvador
    Español salvadoreño
    Hola Deia:

    Los términos mas utilizados en español, al menos los que conozco, como equivalentes para refill (aplicado a una receta) son:

    v. re-surtir s. re-surtido - estos términos no figuran en el diccionario, pero son ampliamente utilizados. Viene de "surtir" y "surtido" a los cuales se les agrega el prefijo "Re" de repetición

    v. renovar s. renovación - una famosa cadena de farmacias estadounidense usa estos términos como traducciones de "refill".

    Finalmente te sugiero consultar estos hilos:

  6. amydafig

    amydafig Senior Member

    Spanish-English U.S.A.

    Since the term "surtir" already means "refill", I think adding the "re-" to it is unnecessary.
  7. Alizarin New Member

    I am an experienced medical interpreter, yet recently someone at work raised questions about the use of the word RESURTIR to mean, REFILL of medications.We have always used this term in Mexico and others from Latin America tell me the same thing. Just because the term does not appear in the Royal Academy of Spain official dictionary, is not reason enough to ban it from out medical vocabulary. I need an expert physician from Mexico to answer this question for me in the forum. Please notice I am asking about the correctness of using For example: Resurtidos: 2, or to tell me which term(s) will best describe this practice of refilling a medication in the USA. Awaiting an answer......
  8. Xilacayotl Member

    Span: Pocho, Paisa, Chero, Chilango
    Alizarin, I'm also an experienced healthcare interpreter, and I have also encountered the casual dispute to the use of the term "re-surtido". My personal take is that if "surtir" as defined by RAE is (tr. y prnl. Abastecer,proveer a alguien de algo que necesita), then, there's absolutely nothing wrong with using the term "surtir" for the verb "to refill", and "re-surtido" for the noun "refill". It's certainly better than the one option other "interpreters" are opting for: "refil".
  9. amydafig

    amydafig Senior Member

    Spanish-English U.S.A.
    "Surtido" is the word in Spanish for the noun "refill".
  10. sergio11 Senior Member

    Los Angeles and Buenos Aires
    Spanish (lunfardo)
    Surtir, llenar, rellenar, abastecer, reabastecer, son todas palabras que se usan y son aceptables. No creo que podamos decir que alguna sea mejor que las otras: son todas buenas.
  11. Xilacayotl Member

    Span: Pocho, Paisa, Chero, Chilango
    amydafig, Thanks for the correction; of course, you're absolutely right!
    Sergio11, gracias; por supuesto que cualquiera de los terminos sugeridos son correctos, solo es question de escojer el que mas se adapte a la situacion/consulta particular.
  12. cuban_learning New Member

    soy farmacólogo y esta es la mejor respuesta que he leido aca, sencilla y precisa.. es llenar la receta de nuevo para que sea despachado el medicamento nuevamente una vez agotado este..
  13. Nefaril New Member

    U.S. English
    I don't see anything wrong with "refil" if it is used and understood by the population in question. I am an experienced medical interpreter, and, at first, I struggled with finding the best Spanish term to use for "refill". Interestingly, in my experience, our patients (young and old alike) seemed most comfortable using the anglicization "refil"; it is from hearing it used so often that I began to use the term myself, and it is almost universally understood by our (mostly Mexican) Spanish-speaking population. Surtir and resurtido always work too, though.
  14. fsabroso

    fsabroso Moderadiólogo

    South Texas
    Perú / Castellano

    That is true ... only in US, not outside the border. You could use it as colloquial translation there but not in a formal text (medical article, medical report, etc.)

    Spanish-speaking countries do not use "refil" at all.

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