medico di distretto

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Lancashire Rose

Hi folks, I have a text that talks about the "medico di distretto" which I have translated as local health authority doctor because even though we use "district nurse," "district doctor" is not a term we do use, I think, because health services are not divided into districts as such. Am I right to make that assumption, anybody care to comment please?? The context is, " L’èquipe è composta da un medico di distretto...." Much appreciated.

  • TimLA

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    Hi LR,
    I would guess you might leave it very general.
    In AE we might say "regional physician/doctor", "local...", "county...", "state...".
    You might go with the name of the government section the physican belongs to.
    ...regional county (health) physician...


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    The thing is a "distretto" is not on the 'comune' nor on the 'provincia' level - health agencies have their own 'local' level, and they call it 'distretto'.

    I think she is stuck with 'local' , unless she wants to go the 'macaroni way' , and call it 'district'.


    Hello everybody
    I have a similar question so perhaps I can post it within this thread:
    I have to translate medico di distretto militare
    I have found that distretto with that meaning can be translated Recruiting Center
    So Medico di Distretto miltare might be Military Recruiting Center Doctor or Physician?
    Thanks in advance
    P.S. If I was not allowed to post my question within this thread, please forgive me!


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    Ciao Fran68. Credo che nei post precedenti parlassero di "Distretto sanitario", che forse si dovrebbe tradurre "Health district" à la macaroni way; mentre invece nel caso di distretto militare la tua interpretazione non mi sembra male. Aspettando ovviamente la conferma di un nativo o ML.



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    Hi Fran,
    If you have specific information that in your case it means "recruiting center", then you should use it.

    But based on THIS Google, and particularly the movie (1976) "Dottoressa del distretto militare", my guess would be "Military physician" or "District military physician" or "Regional military physician".

    Do you have any more information?


    Hello TimLa thank you very much for your reply
    Problably you are right and Military Physician or District Military Physician are the most appropriate and "safe" choices, since I cannot be sure that it is a recruitment center (especially since in Italy the Military Service has become voluntary).
    the source you have chosen makes me smile, :) because "La dottoressa del Distetto Militare" is a famous Italian soft-porno (or better comic-erotic) movie with Edwige Fenech...
    Thanks a lot again
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