Meemar/grandmother...and for grandfather?


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I found "meemar" for grandmother on another thread. I wonder if there is an equivalent for grandfather. I'm sure "Feefar" won't fit. :eek: :D
A little search on the forum leads me to this thread, but I didn't find meemar or its male equivalent anywhere.
Any help will be welcome. :)
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    As you probably read from the second link you have in your thread there are all kinds of different name for grandparents. You should probably send a private email to Poetic Device and ask her where she got Meemar from and if she had an equivalent for her new babies grandfather.

    Maybe PeePaw would work.


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    "Meemar" sounds very eccentric-- or would be if there were any standardized terms for grandparental pet names.

    Many families evolve their own, and the main source of these names is the grandchildren and their struggle to pronounce "Granmaw" (or whatever) at a very early age. My parents' first grandkid heard "Grandma" as "Munga," and that's what my niece and nephews called her, along with "Bugga" for my dad. My kids used "Grandma" and "Grandpa."

    So I'm afraid there's no guessing what "Meemar's" counterpart was called-- you'd have to ask whoever it was who dubbed her that.


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    I already PMed poetic and I (wrongly) understood it was not an "eccentric" kind name for grandma... so I thought it was used by many other people too.
    Thanks you all. No feefar, then... ;)
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