Meet your available times???

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Li'l Bull

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Spanish (Spain)
Hi, native speakers of English!

I'm trying to agree on a time for a job interview with my potential employer. The thing is that the available times they offer don't suit me. I'm trying to be nice and find a time that suits both parties. Is this sentence correct?:

"If my preferences (i.e. the times I propose) don't suit you, I am sure I could change my schedule to meet your available times."

I'm not sure about the verb "meet" above. I know you can meet a deadline, a target, sb's needs... but "meet a time"??? Please, how would you express the idea?

Thanks in advance.
  • _Natalie_

    English - Australia
    Sounds good to me :)

    Another option would be to say "to match an available time".

    However yours is perfectly fine anyway.


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    I can't think of anything that sounds good, because basically the whole phrase is tautological. Just say If these times don't suit you I can change my schedule. It is obvious that the purpose of changing the schedule is to suit you and your availability. In good English the meaning is often implicit and not explicit.
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