Meeting orientation (labour/education skills)

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Dear WordReference users:

While searching content on the Internet regarding different methods used in order to measure the abilities of workers on a company or students in education, I suddenly found the chart below (click thumbnail to display image):


This spider chart ("Chart of evaluation of the management abilities") provides nine different skills that each worker or student could have depending on their own individual profile.

That way, I translated them to Spanish as listed below (clockwise):
- Meeting orientation: ?
- Conflict management: Gestión de conflictos
- Leadership: Liderazgo
- Problem solving: Resolución de problemas
- Consensual decision making: Toma de decisiones consensuada
- Teamwork: Cooperación/Trabajo en equipo
- Decision taking: Toma de decisiones
- Critical analysis: Análisis crítico
- Communication: Comunicación

The problem I found is that I could not find any real translation or synonym for the first skill above, which in fact I can not either completely understand in the context it is being used.

Therefore, I would like to know if any native American or British user could help me by trying to explain what "Meeting orientation" means in the attached chart or by providing any useful synonym or translation for the term.

Thank you in advice.

Yours faithfully,
Eneko C.
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    I don't understand it, either, due to lack of context. But if I had to take a wild guess, I would say it means something to the effect of "orientación hacia las reuniones", in other words the person's attitudes about, and approach towards, business meetings.


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    En esta página dice In this chapter we help researchers and practitioners understand what might lead to or be an outcome of an organizational meeting orientation. We use the term “meeting orientation” to refer to the focus on policies, procedures, and practices that promote, emphasize, or result in meetings.
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