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Discussion in 'Čeština (Czech)' started by RBinDC, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. RBinDC New Member

    I will be meeting a high level Czech diplomat and have been told that the correct expression is: Jsem rad ze vas posnavam. The literal translation is: "I am happy to know you."

    Sounds kind of informal to me. But in Czech, is this expression appropriate for showing deference to the other person?
  2. Hrdlodus

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    I can't translate that ideal, I don't know English so much.

    Better translate is: "Nice to meet you."

    "Jsem rád, že Vás poznávám." is formal introducing in Czech. That doesn't say, that I am happy of knowing you. It's only formal phrase, if I meet some new person.
    Google translate -> I'm glad to meet you.
  3. AllTaken New Member

    The literal translation of "Jsem rád, že vás poznávám" would be "I'm glad that I'm getting to know (/meeting) you". I think it's perfectly fine.
    Other option could be "Je mi potěšením, že vás mohu poznat" - "It's a pleasure to me, that I can get to know you".
  4. Enquiring Mind

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    It's the cultural/social equivalent of "pleased to meet you" - exactly what you say in a formal context when you meet someone for the first time and probably shake hands. It's appropriate for the context you describe: being introduced to, or welcoming a diplomat or other official.

    Poznávat translates better here in this formal context as "to make your acquaintance" rather than "know you".

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