Meetings were conducted with commune PCs for all but contractor A3

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Hi every one,

I would like to ask you the meaning of red phase here.

CSC C1 informed that (i) a GRM including procedures were prepared by the CSC C1 and discussed with all contractors in December 2016; (ii) meetings were conducted with commune PCs for all but contractor A3 to introduce the GRM

This sentence is derived from a document named Memorandum of Understanding of Asian Development Bank.

I don't understand the red phrase clearly. I'm wondering whether it means "CSC C1 coordinated with commune PCs to organize meetings for all contractors to introduce the GRM, except the contractor A3. It sounds unreasonable :confused:

P/S: CSC C1: name of a consultant
GRM; Grievance redres mechanism
PC: People's Committee
Contractor A3: contractor of package A3.
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    Your understanding of "all but" is correct i.e. "except".
    However in (ii) it states "meetings were conducted" - not were organized. So I suggest that they tried to organize meeting with each contractor but, for some reason, [at the time of writing], Contractor A3 was unable to attend (or even did not want to attend?)
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