Mein Beruf war immer der gleiche

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  • Gernot Back

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    What would you have it be instead?
    What about:

    Mein Beruf war immer derselbe.

    I think this (derselbe and not der gleiche) is probably what is really meant:

    Mein Beruf war immer der gleiche

    ... would imply that my profession was called differently in the course of my curriculum, but that it was basicly the same kind of occupation.

    Mein Beruf war immer derselbe

    ... on the other hand would imply, that neither labeling nor the actual kind of the kind of occupation and/or techniques within my profession ever changed.


    That's a bit too much insight for me at this point :) but thanks! It's from the level 5 Rosetta Stone course by the way.


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    What Gernot means is that there is a difference between derselbe und der gleiche. The latter indicates something along the lines of "of the same kind or type", whereas the former means (or, at least in theory, should mean) "exactly the same". So, for example, if you are wearing dieselbe Kleidung (wie gestern), it means that you are actually wearing the very same clothes you put on the day before, but if you wear die gleiche Kleidung wie Lady Gaga, that means that your clothes have the same style). However, as far as I know, native speakers are kind of flexible regarding this rule, and often exchange them "freely". But learners must first learn things "the way they should be" and then move on to "the way they actually are".
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    Du hast völlig recht.
    Ich möchte hinzufügen:
    1.) Es kommt immer auf die Sprachebene an: In der Umgangssprache nimmt man es weniger genau als in der gehobenen Schriftsprache.
    2.) Vor konkreten Substantiven ist die Unterscheidung eindeutig, vor abstrakten kommt mitunter eine gewisse Subjektivität vor.
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