.... melts to a golden yellow liquid


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is this sentence correct: "The sulphur melts to a golden yellow liquid". Does the sentence need an article?

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  • chesty

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    "The sulphur melts to a golden yellow liquid" sounds perfect to me. Where would you put the article?


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    I wouldn't put "The" if you want to generalize about sulphur. If however, your sentence follows another talking about sulphur, and that because of a certain chemical reaction it becomes a liquid, then yes, I would use "the sulphur". Does this make any sense?


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    Hi Chesty,

    I've already put the article before "golden", but then I thought that liquid is uncountable, so perhaps I should cross it out :confused:.

    Kelly B

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    The article a is necessary here.
    Whether the is necessary depends on the context. If you are talking about what happens to various elements or chemicals, for example, it should be removed:
    Nitrogen sublimates.
    Suphur melts.
    Carbon does blahblahblah.

    If you are specifying the sulphur with respect to something else, then the article is required:
    When you heat a solution of sulphur and some other stuff, the sulphur melts and the other stuff evaporates.


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    I might also suggest into rather than to. This might just be my preference, but I have always thought into should be used for form changes like melting.
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