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This is the welcome letter of health insurance plan. It describes the services it covers, how and where to get those services, etc. But it also mentions that this company is going to do all they can to help its members with their health care needs. So this letter mentions a ¨New member education¨ and I don´t know how to translate education here. This is the sentence I have:

We like to do a New Member Education by phone for our new members. If you have not been contacted by phone, please call us so we can explain your benefits to you. If we cannot contact you by phone, this letter will be your education.

I thought of capacitación, but I´m still not sure. Do you have any ideas? suggestions? I´d really appreciate yout help!
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    Instrucción me gusta (al igual que capacitación). Preparación no me convence... pero muchas gracias por tu ayuda!