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    I would like to know how to render "Menù Veloci" in acceptible English.
    The context is a restaurant which offers to its customers among other possibilities:
    - Fixed Price Menus (Menù a prezzo fisso) [is a hyphen between Fixed and Price compulsory?]
    - An à la carte Menu.
    * Various Menù Veloci, consisting of, for example, a slice of veal, salad and bread.
    So far I have come across "quick menu", but that pertains to the realm of computers.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Benzene

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    Italian from Italy
    Perché non usare "fast food"?

  3. Mary49

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  4. london calling Senior Member

    Wetherspoons in the UK do what they call 'lighter bites' on their menus and I have just found another place in the UK that does them too: see their website here.

    Potrebbe fare al caso tuo: dai un'occhiata al menù proposto.

    Benzie, se mi dici fast food penso a MacDonalds, KFC, Burger King......
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    Canada, English
    Ben, fast food has distinct connotations many of them not good, meaning food like McDonald's or any number of fast food chains. That being said I don't know if there is a standard way to express this. If you leave out the word "menu" and just say Fixed Price, A la carte,(you don't need the hyphen or the accent) then I'd go with "In a hurry" or maybe "faster fare".
  6. Wordspin18 Senior Member

    Perché non usare "fast food"?


    Very good idea to "zoom out" verbally, as you suggest. Thank you.

    But the problem is: the main element of the majority of the Menù Veloci appear too elaborate and too refined to fit into a fast food setting.
    The slice of veal is baked "alla piastra", other Menù Veloci feature swordfish and even escalope with mushrooms.

    I fear the restaurant's owners will consider fast food too "cheap".

    Mi piacerebbe trovare, se possibile, un corrispettivo inglese che renda ragione all'eleganza dell'espressione italiana.

  7. london calling Senior Member

    A quanto pare non hai letto il mio post, visto che 1) non menzioni il mio suggerimento e 2) non hai visto che ho sparato a zero quando benzene ha suggerito fast food.:) E' improponibile.
  8. Wordspin18 Senior Member

    Ho visto il tuo post solo dopo aver mandato la mia risposta a benzene - risposta che si perdeva nel numero repentinamente aumentato delle vostre gradite reazioni.
    Allora ho aggiunto il mio maldestro equivalente di quote/reply per significare a chi mi rivolgevo e poi ho letto i nuovi post.:)

    Il mio computer e' lento, come lo e' a volte anche il suo padrone...:).
    In ogni caso grazie.
  9. Wordspin18 Senior Member

    Thanks to all of you for your answers!
    Grazie a voi tutti per le risposte!

  10. novizio Senior Member

    Here in the US we might call them "Combination Platters/Servings". I don't remember seeing the term "Menu' Veloci" in restaurants, why is it called this way? That might share insight to help us to help you. Sono le cose sotto questo titolo preparato più veloci che altre cose?
  11. Wordspin18 Senior Member

    Nel menu' del ristorante c'e' questa sequenza - riporto i titoli sovrastanti le 5 pagine:
    Menu' Veloci
    Menu' a Prezzo Fisso
    Menu a' la Carte

    Credo che, si', il cliente che consuma uno di questi menu si sbriga prima di coloro che ordinano da un'altra pagina.
  12. theartichoke Senior Member

    English -- Canada
    I think "Quick Menu" could work, but "Quick Service Menu" would certainly get the point across, with no negative connotations that I can think of. Presumably the idea is that the dishes on this menu are faster to prepare than others?
  13. Wordspin18 Senior Member

    Wonderful, the discussion is giving a growing number of very good English renderings of Menù Veloci. Thank you.
    "Quick Service Menu" has a ring of elegance to it.

    Yes, this title is on the first page of the menu and is meant for those who have relatively little time to spare before taking off again.

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