menú (a la carta de un restaurant)

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  1. lykke Member

    Pto, Varas
    Está bién decir "menu" a la carta de un restaurant en inglés?
  2. lazarus1907 Senior Member

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    Spanish, Spain
    De un restaurant no sé, pero de un restaurante sí se dice menu.
  3. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    You can just say "menu" or "the menu".
    If you want to be specific about "a la carte",
    you can say "the a la carte menu."

  4. Damnjoe Senior Member

    U.S. English
    ¿Qué es, exatamente, "a la carta" en inglés?
  5. scotu Senior Member

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    Chicago English
    .a la carta (es) = a la carte (French term adopted by the Anglos)

    It means each item on the menu priced separately.

    Client: What comes with the steak?
    Waiter: Nothing, all items on the menu are a la carte .
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