men and women work just as many hours as each other

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  1. hedgy Senior Member

    What does this sentence mean?
    Men and women work just as many hours as each other away from home
    I guess it means:
    men and woman work the same amount of hours
    and both work away/far from home
    thank you
  2. beatlemaniac

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    Yup, you're right. :)
  3. Cenzontle

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    "Away from home" is to explain that the numbers being compared refer to paid work, the kind that is counted in economic statistics.
    It means they are not counting work in the home, such as child care, cooking, cleaning, maintenance, repairs, etc.
  4. frida-nc

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    Everything said about the meaning is correct, but I would call the original sentence awkward and wordy, verging on ungrammatical.

    Better would be: Men and women work the same number of hours away from home. (Judith, I see that you used that as the explanation, in any case.)
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