... men will remove their hat.


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1. I came across the following in a book: “When conversing with women, men will remove their hat.”
Is ”hat” correct here, or should it be replaced with “hats”?
One more, please:


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    We've had a very similar conversation about, I think, men scratching their noses.
    As I recall, either singular or plural is accepted, depending on context. The difficulty with the singular hat is that it would have to be very large.

    One solution this time around is to shift to singular.
    When conversing with women (or with a woman), a gentleman will remove his hat.


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    A group of men does not share only one hat.
    Therefore the men will remove their hats.

    Once upon a time, all men of stature wore hats in order to be fashionable.

    It would not make sense to have a rule that men should remove their hats, unless many men were in the habit of wearing hats.

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