menisco yodado (vino)

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    Hi, I wonder if there is a wine specialist that could help me with this translation. I'm not able to find a translation for "yodado", but the whole sentence is driving me crazy. These are the tasting notes of a sweet red wine elaborated from grape variety Pedro Jiménez (in case it helps):

    Vino dulce color oscuro con menisco yodado, de aspecto pingüe. Con un importante peso varietal y un profundo recuerdo a pasas. Complejo e intenso. En boca es directo con cierta balsimicidad. Sedoso y nada empalagoso. El postgusto es largo y muy placentero.

    My try:
    A densely dark, sweet wine with ??? meniscus. It reflects its grape variety through a deep permanence of raisin flavour. Complex and intense. On palate it is a direct wine, with a slightly balsamic taste. Silky and elegant. Leaves a long and enjoyable aftertaste.

    Sorry for making hundreds of mistakes in such a short sentence, but I'm not a wine expert.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    In Spanish in a wine terminology "menisco" is the top layer that is formed in the cup when this is inclined to detect the colour of the wine.
    In English is called "the edge or rim".
    Vino dulce color oscuro con menisco yodado = A sweet and dark wine, with iodine tinged edges.
    Please correct my English.
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    "Iodine tinged edges" may be familiar to a sommelier, but for general description I might express it another way:
    A sweet wine, dark, with a deep iodine tone at the rim of the glass.

    Best of luck.
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    Spain (Spanish)
    Thank you very much for your help.
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