Mention not: as a response to Thank you

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I have heard people say "Mention not", instead of "Don't mention it/Never mention", here in response to "Thank you". I know it's wrong and I put it in the category of Indian English, which I don't consider English anyway.

What do you think of the expression? Have you ever heard it (from an Indian/a non-native speaker)?


  • kency

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    I've never heard this. A quick Google of "mention not" brings up many Urdu and Hindi translation websites. Maybe it is particular to English used in India?


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    I think it's used by English speakers of British English in casual writing and speech.
    Am I right ?


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    Mother to young daughter:
    Did you say “thank you for having me” to Mrs Smith when you left the birthday party?
    Why not?
    Well, the girl in front of me did, and Mrs Smith said “Don’t mention it”, so I didn’t.
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