meow meow

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  • betulina

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    català - Catalunya
    In Catalan it is mèu, mèu.

    To call them... it's quite difficult to explain this sound! It's like an "s" (a long one) but moving the lips as if we were going to make a "b" but without making it. :confused:


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    Denmark; Danish
    In DANISH:

    Cats say: 'Mijau' or 'Miau' (I don't think we have a certain way of spelling it)
    We call them by calling: 'Mis - mis- mis' ('mis' is a synonym for cat [kat, in Danish])


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    Español/Inglés Houston/Caracas
    En "venezolano":
    cat (gato): "miau miau"

    calling: "mishu mishu"


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    In Serbian, onomatopoeia for cat is: mjau, mjau (мјау-мјау).
    But we call cat: mac-mac (мац-мац).
    Same in Macedonian.

    Onomatopoeia: мјау ['mja.u]
    To call them: мац [mat͡s]
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    Czech (Prague)

    mňau mňau [ˈmɲau ˈmɲau]

    Calling: čiči [ʧɪ ʧɪ], it means also "cat" in baby talk (čiči, čičina, čičinka);
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