"Merak(i)". Is it turkish?


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Hello to all. In Greek we use the word "merAki" (μεράκι), with the broad sense of "love or affection or good taste for something" (e.g. for good food, for a hobby, for other things related to life style. Normally not for persons). Derivative is the word "merakli" (male) or "meraklou" (fem.), i.e. a person who has a meraki for something. It is commonly believed that it is turkish, but I cannot verify that. Does any turkish speaker know the origin of the word? Thanks.

PS. I searched in this russian etymological dictionary of turkish words starting with "M", https://altaica.ru/LIBRARY/ESTJA/Estja7.pdf and couldn't find anything, but I don't know russian.
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    I don't know the origin of the word, but "merak" in Turkish by and large translates to "curiosity". However, it also has a sense similar to your definition.

    e.g. Balıkçılığa merakı var. [=(S)he has a merak for fishing / (s)he is into fishing]