mercantiles interpuestas

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    Hi colleagues, stuck again with some terminology...It is about an offence and says: las cantidades no han llegado a los destinatarios finales y ello en beneficio de una serie de mercantiles interpuestas creadas al efecto o, en su caso, de las personas físicas detras de las mismas.My attempt: the amounts never reached their final recipients to the benefit of a number of "in-between"/"screen" ???? corporations established only to that effect or, in its case, to the people behind them. Es el concepto de mercantil interpuesta. Entiendo lo que es pero me pregunto si existe termino específico.Gracias por vuestra colaboración y buen resto del día...
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    New York
    U.S.A.; English
    In New York it might be said this way: straw man; fictitious corporations; dummy business.
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    Gracias Anwar Boylston,
    straw man I've heard - the same concept in Spanish "hombre de paja"; but straw corporations?? is that used??
    anyway this "mercantiles interpuestas" is extremely specific - hardly any Spanish speaker would know what it means..
    dummy business also sounds kind of informal....
    I'm a translator at courts and I have to stick to legal jargon....

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