1. SANDAVID Member

    Hola A Todos, Necesito Saber Como Se Dice En Ingles Mercantilismo. Muchas Gracias.
  2. FromPA

    FromPA Senior Member

    Philadelphia area
    USA English
    It's Mercantilism
  3. SANDAVID Member

    thank you very much.
  4. RushHourOfBabel

    RushHourOfBabel Senior Member

    Montréal, Québec
    English - Canada
    I could be wrong, but I feel like the way the word gets used in common speaking in Spanish (could be different in an economics department of a university) is the same way the word 'consumerism' is used in English. I have never heard a non-economist be called a 'mercantillist' in English, but in Spanish I have, and usually it's because the person is putting their desires for consumption ahead of some other priority.

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