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A person from India told me that his father had served in the Merchant Navy ( in the nineties) before he settled in New York.
I wonder if the term 'merchant navy' is still in use?
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    In BE the term Merchant Navy is common (Merchant Marine is not), and of course the word Merchant is necessary to distinguish it from the military navy, generally referred to either as simply the Navy or, more properly, as the Royal Navy.


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    The term is familiar to me, but I wondered if it is still in use.
    I checked, and it is:
    The Merchant Navy is the name given to the UK's commercial shipping industry. It is made up of shipping companies that own and manage a wide range of different types and sizes of ships.


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    The Merchant Navy is seen as a title. There is another term, the mercantile marine, which is also in use, but not usually treated as a title.
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