Merci ميرسي - مرسي

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by languagelover222, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. languagelover222 New Member

    I read in a previous thread that مرسي can be used to say "thank you." However, this thread stated that it is most often used by women. Is this true? Is it acceptable for a man to use? Also, is it pronounced like it would be in French (with a French r), or would it be pronounced like it is spelled in Arabic (with a trilled r)?
  2. b.tabs

    b.tabs New Member

    Venezuelan Spanish

    It would be pronounced as in French. It is often used in Lebanon to say "thank you" just as the meaning of the word in French.

    I am unsure wether it is acceptable for a man to use it over there.
  3. tr463 Senior Member

    Speaking from my experiences in Egypt, first of all, "merci" is pronounced "mer-see" usually NOT using the French pronunciation.

    I think it's acceptable for a man to use, but not common. Actually, I've only heard males use it sarcastically (which is how I started using it).
  4. languagelover222 New Member

    I meant to specify that I was inquiring about Egypt. Interesting that males would use it sarcastically. Would most males just say شكرا then?
  5. tr463 Senior Member

    Let me rephrase that, as I was generalizing: my male Egyptian friends used it sarcastically, so I cannot speak for the general population. However, from watching Egyptian TV shows, I don't think I've heard a guy say "merci."
  6. Schem

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    Najdi Arabic
    I'm not sure if the Maghreb uses it but in Egypt and the Levant (Lebanon to be specific) those who do usually "trill" the r just like they would any Arabic word. And it might be more commonly used by men in Lebanon than in Egypt, but it isn't generally used by men as far as I'm aware.
  7. tounsi51 Senior Member

    In Maghreb also they will trill the r and can also say merci 3alik. we most of the people will say ya3tek sa7a or shokran

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