1. nohams Member

    Hi All,
    what does "cul" in this phrase indicate:
    'Merci beau cul pour ...' ?
    I looked "cul" alone up in the dictionary but, failed to connect it with the statement!

    Thanks in advance...
  2. entylop Senior Member

    it's a joke. instead of merci beaucoup you say merci beau cul to a girl or guy with a nice bottom i guess.
  3. but then you quite deservedly get a slap in the face:D
  4. carolineR

    carolineR Senior Member

    Indian Ocean
    and a terrible one :( as Setwale rightly noted
  5. nohams Member

    thanks to all...
    But, I still don't get:
    - is the word used commonly between very close friends for example?
    - or is it used to indicate a sexual interest?
    - or is it just an expression that has no specific implication?
    in short, in which situations is it most commonly used?

    Thanks again :)
  6. carolineR

    carolineR Senior Member

    Indian Ocean
    commonly... I wouldn't say so ... It's a hackneyed joke that can be made between two friends, sure
    it doesn't indicate any sexual interest it's just because beaucoup and beau cul sound very close, you see :)
  7. coconutpalm

    coconutpalm Senior Member

    Shanghai, China
    Do girls say this to girls?
    Or do girls say this to boys?
  8. Gin Member

    French, Québec-Canada
    Haha! I think girls say this to boys, and boys say that to girls.
  9. Tatzingo

    Tatzingo Senior Member

    Where on Earth??
    English, UK

    Perhaps this expression also came about due to English speakers unintentionally mispronouncing the "-coup" in "beacoup" thereby creating the impression that they were saying "beau cul" rather than "beaucoup"!? Pronunciation is therefore very important. ;-p

  10. KaRiNe_Fr

    KaRiNe_Fr Senior Member

    France, Provence
    Français, French - France
    I think Tatz is right! I don't hear this "joke" at all, except in a context where someone is making fun of an English speaker's pronunciation. ;)
  11. Tatzingo

    Tatzingo Senior Member

    Where on Earth??
    English, UK
    Yes. I can confirm this by personal experience. :eek:

  12. Gin Member

    French, Québec-Canada
    Haha! Here in Québec, Canada, we can perfectly understand that joke as " Merci, beau cul ",
    and that, without any reference to an english pronounciation like " Merci beau-Q "

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