Merci de votre réponse


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How could I translate "Merci pour votre réponse" in a mail ?

Should I say : thank you for your reply, or thank you for your answer, or thank you for your response ?

Each time, I write "Thank you for your answer", but I'm not sure, and i waffle bewtween "answer" and "reply"

Thank you !
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    Definition of answer;
    a thing said, written, or done to deal with or as a reaction to a question, statement, or situation. >> "he knocked and entered without waiting for an answer"
    synonyms:reply, response, rejoinder, reaction;
    The terms are more or less interchangeable, answer being used more often when the message replies to a direct question.
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    I would write any one of the following:
    Thank you for your reply.
    Thank you for your response.
    Thank you for answering my e-mail.
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