Meretriciously internecine

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    Hi lochness,

    Could you pleae provide some context, such as the sentence where you read this?

    Neither word is used often in everyday English.

    meretricious can be synonymous with flashy, artificial, blatant, brazen - its meaning changes depending on the context.

    internecine means mutually destructive, but can also mean bloodshed or carnage.

    Again, it's hard to tell without context.


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    Internecine means "between branches of a family" or "dynastic," and is used generally in a negative way, with words like "quarrels," "struggles" or "conflict." Byzantine politics were internecine because of the incestuously complex interbalance between political power and family organization, and corporate power struggles are sometimes called "byzantine" if they are complex, and "internecine" if they are in-house in nature.

    "Meretricious" has to do with self-inflicted damage to the reputation, usually through phoniness or underhandedness.

    So your phrase is arcane indeed, if not cryptic. Two very specialized words full of nuance, and they go together so well they almost give off a redundant vibe when used together.

    I'd be interested to know what noun this phrase modified. Was I right about the general area of conflict, infighting among people who should instead focus on their mutual interests? But they end up damaging themselves in trying to win out over each other?


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    Thanks guys for the insights, it´s very interesting to read such comprehensive explanations about the english language..

    It´s a song that I am trying to translate, but it´s very difficult because of the strange words these guys use...

    It goes like this

    Multifarious carnage
    Meretriciously internecine
    Sublime enmangling steelbath
    Of escheated atrocities

    Thanks again


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    Umm, thanks for providing the rest of the verse. Better late than never. :(

    To indulge my opinionatedness, but in a friendly, constructive spirit: I sincerely doubt you'll learn better English by studying obscurantist song lyrics. This particular set of words is so unreasonable there were probably meant to be ridiculous. The artist would be a pitiable character if they really think they making much sense.

    We still haven't been given the source of these lyrics. Crypticality continues . . . .


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    For those who are crazy enough to want to see the rest of the lyrics, they are to be found HERE. - pick the second "song", Carnal Forge.

    Why don't people stick to the good old-fashioned simple songs like "There's a rainbow 'round my shoulder...":)
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