merge (into each other )/ melt (into each other )


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I wouldlike to speak of two people who think they will make one after death.
I found:

“When theday comes, we will get together again and merge ( into each other ) /melt (into each other )”.
I thoughtthat “merge” has rather a commercial meaning an I’m looking for a word with aphysical or figurative meaning. Can you tell me if you have ideas?
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    The use of the word "merge" is not confined to its business sense, such as two companies merging or the like.

    Merge into each other - all the divisions will cease to exist come the day of judgment...
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    I would forget merging and melting – one is clinical, the other is messy ...

    When the day comes, we will become one.

    That's if they are truly one being. If they are separate, I like dreamlike's "be as one," which I've just seen.

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    Melt has a specific meaning, and you can certainly combine two things (e.g. butter and chocolate) by melting them together, but I don't think this is the word you want. The two things are both destroyed, or at least altered, and melting does not combine them; they still have to be stirred together.

    Merge usually refers to two things that combine but remain separate, as when your car merges into traffic.

    I think the word you are looking for is meld. It sounds almost like melt, but it has a different meaning. Look it up.


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    Meld seems to be only transitive. I think I will choose "become one". Do you know if "make one" exists with the same meaning?
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