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    Eh, shades of gray. You're getting onto the freeway, while merging into traffic. Therefore, you could very well say that you're merging onto the freeway. It's not exactly right, but people will know what you're saying.


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    Oh dear :(

    You get onto the freeway or highway by merging with the traffic on it. This is called "merging onto the freeway"

    A quick google for "merge onto" comes up with an extremely large number and most of the first page of hits has the phrase followed by "the freeway" or "the highway". Did you not see those?

    To merge into something means to become one with it : company A merged with company B to create the single company C. Merging into a freeway would be painful :D By driving your car onto the freeway your car becomes part of "the freeway traffic" when it was separate before - hence the term merge.
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