merged the graph and article into a PowerPoint [merge]


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"Merge" means combining organizations, groups and entities into one or blending something according to my dictionary.
However, I see a lot "merge" is used to put together various things.

I make up sentences.
e.g.) I merged the table and explanations.
I merged the previous file with the latest one.

Can we use "merge" like above?
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    "I merged the table and explanations." -> I'm not sure what this means, out of context
    "I merged the previous file with the latest one." -> I combined the two files. How this combination was accomplished will depend on context. E.g. if you're talking about a file that's tracked with a version control system, "merging the files" will have a specific meaning.


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    Apart from its sense of to combine two entities to form a new one, the verb MERGE can mean to blend [in] with something so as to become almost indistinguishable from it.

    In this context, there's a set phrase "merge into the background" – as a person might want to do if trying to hide in a crowded place, etc. Other common examples are the merging (mixing) of colours, and the merging of traffic, e.g. joining a motorway at a junction.


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    Added to previous thread.
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    I posted almost the same topic, but am re-posting this since I could not explain of what I would like to ask well.

    Say, I have a presentation about recent sales trends next week and my colleague prepared graphs for it.
    Also, I found a good article describing the recent customer behavior change.

    In this case, can I say,
    "I have merged the graph and article into a PowerPoint to illustrate the sales external environment"?
    My dictionary says,
    1. to cause (two or more things, such as two companies) to come together and become one thing
    2. to change into or become part of something else in a very gradual way
    I looked up several dictionaries, their sentence examples of "merge" is usually about uniting entities, becoming one (such as lanes, streams) or blending something but I see a lot of the sentences to mean "combine" like the red one above.
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