1. sallyann Senior Member

    English - Mexico
    Could someone please tell me the translation for merolico?? It's someone who goes from town to town selling "magic potions" that cure everything! Thanks!!
  2. Gizmo77

    Gizmo77 Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    I think you mean a quack
  3. sallyann Senior Member

    English - Mexico
    Thanks for anwering so fast!! I thought a quack was only a phony doctor!
  4. Borderer Senior Member

    Scottish Borders
    English (UK)
    It sounds like a 'quack' to me - like the man in The Wizard of Oz, if you know it. Slightly dishonest, selling potions rather than real medicine.
  5. Snoop Puss Senior Member

    Brit now living in Spain
  6. mrcosb96 New Member

    USA - English/Spanish
    Quiobo, buenos dias. I know this thread started a long time ago, pero tengo una pregunta: "merolico" es una palabra.

    Una palabra en ingles, ¿podria ser "Con man/artist"?
    Or could you say "quack" just by itself? It doesn't sound right.

    Soy mexicano, pero I was born/raised in the Chicago area. I learned English when I was in kindergarten; I'm in my early 30's now. The word "quack" I've only heard used in "quack job/doctor", when talking about (stereotypically speaking) psychologists/shrinks or when talking about a 'crazy person'.

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  7. knoxster77 Member

    United States English
    En New Orleans, Louisiana se llaman "barkers" pero creo esa palabra no aplica a otro estados en los EEUU.
  8. MattL New Member

    English - US
    That is the only way I've ever heard it used. At the very least, it would have to be someone who is pretending to be a doctor. If they are just selling fake products I'd say a hustler, con-artist (or con-man, or just con), or swindler. Although I'm choosing those words because of the specific thing, fake medicines, you mention. Those words are older and you don't think of people going around literally, physically selling fake products like that. Therefore if you want a more modern term that would apply to someone committing the modern equivalent of those same ideas, the most comment example being identity theft, then I would use scammer. (Which, ironically, my spell check tells me is not a word.)

    Hope that helps,

  9. Carlos Mx

    Carlos Mx Senior Member

    Guadalajara, Mexico
    Mexican Spanish
    Según la RAE:


    1. m. Méx. Curandero callejero.

    2. m. Méx. charlatán (‖ vendedor callejero).
    Un merolico es un vendedor callejero de pociones mágicas o artículos no demasiado diferentes de los que ve uno en los infommercials." Lo que lo diferencia del vendedor ambulante típico es que el merolico reúne a un grupo de gente y demuestra su producto ante este público hablando en voz alta y muy rápidamente ennumerando beneficios y ejemplos del producto.

    No es un con artist, ni un "scammer", ni un médico brujo. Es sólo un vendedor que utiliza técnicas de venta específicas, pero no hace promesas más falsas que los anuncios de máquinas para abdominales de la tele.
  10. MattL New Member

    English - US
    Thanks Carlos. I'm glad that my attempt to clarify "quack" inspired you to resolve the misunderstanding it seems that several of us had of the definition of the original word in question.

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