Merry Christmas / Big thanks.... :)


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Hello all :cool::cool:

I want to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016.

You´ve been such an amazing help throughout this year. Without you I would not have learnt so many things and a lot of parts of English grammar would still be a mystery for me. I know that sometimes it takes me a while to understand how you mean it . From that standpoint I really appreciate that you are always coming back to my additional questions and helping me to deal with it - thank you for that! For me this is the best forum I have ever visited.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank these people: @Wordsmyth, @EM, @PaulQ, @Glasguensis, @The Newt, @velisarius, @DonnyB, @owlman5, @Juhasz, @Keith Bradford, @sdgraham, @Andygc, @srk, @Loob, @Dale Texas, @ain'ttranslationfun?, @sound shift, @Parla, @se16teddy, @Rover_KE, @Hermione Golightly,@Copperknickers, @Julian @stuart, @Florentia52, @TurretAngel, @rhitagawr, @Forero, @SReynolds, @Greyfriar......I hope I didn´t forget to mention anyone.

You are simply amazing:thumbsup::thumbsup::oops:


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