mes favoris réseau

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  1. kraputasky Senior Member

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    French, France
    Hi guys
    how do you translate the french desktop icon "mes favoris réseau" into english? (what's the name of the icon in english?)

  2. Old Novice

    Old Novice Senior Member

    USA, English
    I think it would be "Favorites" if you're using MS Explorer or "Bookmarks" if you're using Firefox. But these are on the toolbar at the top, not necessarily the desktop. I believe they can be put on the desktop, however.
  3. schuyman Member

    I believe it's "My network places" though the literal translation suggests "my favorite networks" or "my preferred networks." Maybe if you describe the contents it would be more helpful.
  4. elsouljacker Senior Member

    I think he's talking about Windows environment
  5. schuyman Member

    I don't think it's the bookmarks. That relates more to Webpages and are called marque-pages, at least in Firefox. I think the question is more about the network places via Windows.
  6. Old Novice

    Old Novice Senior Member

    USA, English
    Actually, this sounds more likely than my guess. Sorry.
  7. FrançoisXV Senior Member

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  8. Geordie_Wilber

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    schuyman was correct back in #3 with "My Network Places", known as "Network Neighbourhood" in pre-XP versions of Windows.

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