Mess up: make a mistake

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Xavier da Silva

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Hello everyone,

Does "mess up" meaning "make a mistake" sound natural/correct in the examples I made below?

a. I messed up. I lied and cheated on my girlfriend. I really shouldn't have done that.
b. I think I messed up when I told my co-worker she was going to be fired. I should have waited for our boss to do that.

*I'm not sure if mess up interacts well with "lie", "cheat" and "say things that aren't nice".

Thank you in advance!

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    Both sound idiomatic and are correct. They are quite informal, however.


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    As LVRBC says, both are correct, and it is an informal way to say it (though I think most speech where you would be talking about this would be informal/personal).

    "Mess up" works just fine with "lie" etc. in your context - it's another way of saying "I was foolish", "I made a mistake", "I did something bad" etc.
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