1. stupot

    stupot Senior Member

    Scotland, English
    How could you say 'messed up' in french? or the more prefered expression amongst teenagers is 'fucked up' lol. Could you say 'mal foutu' ?

    • By 'fucked up' i mean as in if something was found to be weird... often my friends say ''haha that's fucked up man!! '' lol.
    Any suggestions? Merci beaucoup xxxx
  2. meluesine Member

    France - français
    There are many ways to say it. I'm no longer a French teenager but I think they still use "fait chier", contraction of "ça fait chier".
  3. Subtitling girl

    Subtitling girl Senior Member

    Belgium - French
    In this case, my nephews and niece often use "ça craint"...
  4. stupot

    stupot Senior Member

    Scotland, English
    lol thanks very much :)
  5. mignardise Senior Member

    US & Canada, English
    Yes, I've heard that too... they say it all the time, it's the equivalent of "That sucks!"

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