metaphorical way of referring to someone's life

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Hello everyone:

How can I refer to someone's life metaphorically?

What do you think of the following?

A. the last layer of my life is coming off. ( like an onion)

In my native language, we say " life bottle" or life crystal".

His life crystal was shattered at the age of 16.

His.....was in the doctor's hand.

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    This makes Farsi sound very interesting!

    His life crystal was shattered at the age of 16.
    In English you could say:

    He punched his ticket at the age of 16
    He kicked the bucket at the age of 16
    His light was snuffed out at the age of 16

    But none of these is particularly polite - you would certainly not use them to speak respectfully of someone who has died.

    More respecfully you could say something like:
    He left this world at the age of 16


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    Metaphorically we use either times of the day or seasons of the year.

    Late in life: Twilight
    Early in life: Dawn

    Later in life: Autumn
    Early in life: Springtime

    A Bobby Goldsboro song:

    In the spring of my life she came to me
    She brought sunshine where winter winds had blown
    But I'm richer, you see, for the years she gave to me
    And I'm content in the autumn of my life

    in the autumn of my life - Google Search

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    His life was suddenly/tragically cut short at the tender age of 16 might be another way of saying the first one, but it’s probably not what you’re asking. :)
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