Metaphysical reality

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    sto traducendo questa espressione ma non vorrei essere troppo "letterale":

    A template by which a filmaker can comunicate metaphysical reality

    Un modello attraverso il quale un regista può comunicare il mondo metafisico (chiamare in causa, veicolare, esprimere la dimensione metafisica?)

    Si tratta di una serie di accorgimenti quali l'uso del fuori-campo, ecc.

    Cosa consigliate?

    Grazie mille in anticipo,

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    We need further context, maybe the sentences which come before and after this one? And what's your source?
  3. aramesh Senior Member

    Some film theorists have argued that The Wind Will Carry Us provides a template by which a filmmaker can communicate metaphysical reality. The limits of the frame and the representation through dialogue with another that is not represented, physically become metaphors for the relationship between this world and those that may exist apart from it. By limiting the space of the mise en scène, Kiarostami expands the space of the art

    Source: Cinematic style of Abbas Kiarostami - Wikipedia

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