meteoric rise to fame


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What would you say in French for:their meteoric rise to fame
leur elevation meteorique vers la celebrite .
Je ne trouve pas ca genial!
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    Je me demande si la métaphore de la météorite n'implique pas aussi l'idée d'une célébrité éphémère en plus d'être rapide (fulgurante est excellent) ?
    Célébrité éclair ? :confused:


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    Hi Karine et al,
    I guess there is always an underlying sense in this expression that "what goes up must come down" but I wouldn't say that the ephemeral side of the fame is really the main point in the English expression.
    For that, there is another light-connected image: "flash in the pan," which describes something/someone with very little staying power, that "flames out" rather quickly.
    I love these images!
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