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The English definition of methadone is listed as "drug: heroin substitute". This is extremely stigmatizing and inaccurate. Please update immediately.
  • Peterdg

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    According to Webster's New World Dictionary, methadone is also labeled as "drug".

    On the other hand, I understand your comment. This is due to the fact that in English "drug" is used in two different contexts: it can mean 1) a medicine (which is the sense it is used here) or 2) a narcotic.

    In order to avoid confusion, I think it would indeed be wise to label it as "medicine" instead of "drug".


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    Thank you for your message. Could you perhaps be more specific about why you think the definition is stigmatizing? I see that Peterdg assumes it is the word drug that you object to, but methadone is a drug, so I wonder if it is something else that's troubling you?