methanation or methanization??


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Hi everyone!

Can you tell me, please, which one of these is the correct name for the chemical process producing methane?

Thanks a lot!
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    Hi Mike!

    Thanks for your answer.

    I asked after checking different dictionaries and finding that sometimes both entries, none of them or only one appeared... so i got a bit confused...


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    Mike said:
    It's methanation.

    And, it is also methanization. Let's not play 'my source is better than your source', but note that both terms are widely used.


    Definition:The process of deriving methane from any source, including livestock manure, landfills, coal mines, etc.(Source: OED)
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    Just to add to this (old) conversation... I've recently been translating materials for a French energy company discussing "green gases" and the processes of methanation and methanisation. The company makes a clear distinction between "methanation" - where methane is produced by combining hydrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide - and "methanisation/methanization" - where methane is produced by the decomposition of organic material under anaerobic conditions.
    In short, both processes produce methane, but there are crucial technical differences between them.