Metis: Freedom

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  • ganda

    Philippines - Filipino / English
    hi nicole,
    i've visited the webster and what i got with the metis is one of the mixed offspring of an american indian and a person of european ancestry.i don't know if this one is what u r looking for.wait for the others to help u with this.

    Nicole Careford

    New Member
    Canada, English
    Thanks whoever responded earlier to my Metis question. To be more specific, I am trying to find out how to say "Freedom" in Metis. I want to get a tatoo possibly with that word, maybe. Thanks again!


    Senior Member
    Hi Nicole and welcome! :)

    Perhaps this entry in Wikipedia will help. The language is almost extinct and I am afraid that getting hold of a speaker of it will be quite hard...

    Once widely spoken, the language is endangered with under 1000 native speakers reported in 1997.
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