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I often see this word (metodic/metodice) used in an educational context, usually meaning something connected to instruction or pedagogy. "Methodical" doesn't really express the same idea, and I am at a loss for how to translate it. Here are two examples:

"În cadrul unei unități de învățământ, catedrele/comisiile metodice se constituie din minimum trei membri, pe discipline de studiu, pe discipline înrudite sau pe arii curriculare."

"Seminar instructiv- metodic al cadrelor didactice de limba engleza din cahul si raionul cahul"

I'd love any suggestions people can give.
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    "Methodological" is to me more appropriate in these examples.

    The first meaning of the Romanian word 'metodic' corresponds to English 'methodical'.
    According to some Romanian dictionary, the 2nd meaning is 'methodological'.

    I find such meaning an abuse, even if the texts in cause come from a Romanian authority in education: a catedrelor-comisiilor metodice.pdf.

    Dictionary entry: dexonline

    METÓDIC, -Ă adj. 1. (și adv.) făcut cu metodă; sistematic. 2. metodologic. (< fr. méthodique)


    mod-errare humanum est
    I think there is a rather subtle link/confusion between metodic and metodică, the latter being a part of Pedagogy. See dexonline:

    METÓDICĂ, (2) metodici, s. f. 1. Parte a didacticii generale care studiază principiile, metodele și formele de predare adaptate specificului fiecărui obiect de învățământ. 2. Carte care normează aceste metode și forme. – Din germ. Methodik, rus. metodika.

    From this definition we can see how we get comisie metodică and cabinet metodic. Following the German origin of the Romanian "metodică" (as indicated by DEX 2009) we arrive at a very plausible definition (from wikipedia):

    "Die Methodik (von griechisch methodikè téchne = die Kunst des Weges zu etwas hin) im Fachgebiet Pädagogik ist die „Wissenschaft“, „Kunst“ bzw. „Lehre“ von den Wegen zu den Zielen, die speziell in der Pädagogik erreicht werden sollen. Die Wortelemente hodós = Weg und metá = zu etwas hin bezeichnen dabei die enge Verbindung von Weg und Ziel, die das Verhältnis von Methodik und Didaktik charakterisiert."